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Youtube Channels & Writing Podcasts That Will Help Your Writing

Since the start of this pandemic, our lives have become a lot more digital than ever before. It’s hardly surprising that our quarantine has inspired some deeply creative minds to expand a writer’s online resources like never before. This includes a whole other online resource you may not have considered that’s definitely worth checking out. The best part is, this resource involves an online destination you already use. is the video destination of the internet and since quarantine’s start, many writers stuck at home have created channels that offer great writing advice. From videos that discuss craft or entire channels dedicated to analyzing your favorite shows, writing channels are definitely a resource you should be tapping into. In addition to the presence of writing channels increasing online, many more writing podcasts are gaining traction in popularity for their insightful advice and discussions on writing techniques. This isn’t the first time that I’ve recommended writing podcasts on this blog, but the list has expanded since COVID-19’s quarantine began so revisiting the list is worth the time.

Youtube Writing Channels

Hello Future Me

This channel is hosted by author Timothy Hickson who records videos focused entirely on exploring craft, writing advice and deep breakdowns of story use in our favorite shows and movies. The first video by this channel I ever watched was: On Writing: Mental Illness in Video Games I A Video Essay.” I was deeply impressed by Hickson’s insight, being that he is a trained youth counselor and how seriously he took the matter.


This is the official Youtube channel of Nation Novel Writing Month and has proved invaluable as an online resource. The videos on the channel range from writing advice topics to virtual write-ins that are always a blast to attend. The write-ins will offer a host armed with writing activities, prompts and plenty of encouragement while a live chat of other NaNoer’s sharing enthusiasm. There are other videos that offer writing advice, craft exploration and much, much more.

Savage Books

This channel is hosted by a professional editor, first name Alex, last name [unpublished]? He’s a host who offers great analysis and educational insight into elements of writing for aspiring writers. He chooses artistic mediums to analyze indiscriminately which, in my opinion, offers his audience a helpful variety of creativity to expose themselves to. The first video I watched from this channel was Zuko Vs Azula: Breaking Down the REAL Best Fight Of Your Childhood.” From cartoons to films, anime series to superhero films; if it has a good story worth looking at, Savage Books will analyze it.

Campfire Technology

Campfire Technology is a writing software provider that allows you to catalogue every inch of your story’s research, notes, details, everything! I won a free install of their software after winning NaNoWriMo last year and have been hooked ever since. The channel is hosted by Levi Johnson who is engaging and offers very helpful advice. The first video I watched on this channel was, Show Don’t Tell - Characterizing Your Protagonist.”


Hosted by author Ava Jae, the channel consists of writing advice, craft exploration and helpful insight on her experiences with the publishing industry. The videos on her channel are short and sweet, which is helpful for when you’re looking for writing advice during a busy schedule. The first video of this channel I watched was, Is Your Protagonist Too Passive?”


Writing Excuses

A fifteen minute podcast with guest speakers, a couple of charming hosts and a writing prompt at the end for you to try at home. I’ve recommended this podcast before because of how reliable each episode is when it comes to inspiration and offering helpful advice. This podcast is available everywhere podcasts are available (I download it from itunes) but the official website can be found here: {X}.

Dead Robot’s Society

“By aspiring writers, for aspiring writers” is their motto. The current and former hosts come from all walks of writing life to offer advice. They’re educational, inspiring and get a chuckle from me every time their good-natured humor slips into the episode of the week. If you’d like to learn more, here’s their official website: {X}.

Writing Class Radio

As the title implies, this podcast offers the experience of a writing class in your headphones. Guest speakers, educational information that will improve your writing and even video classes on their official website: {X}. Of all the podcasts I've subscribed to, this is the one I declare has the best website. The writing resources available on their site are plentiful and worth exploring in your free time.


Inspiration and advice for writers to enjoy weekly! Hosted by publisher Brooke Warner and executive director of National Novel Writing Month, Grant Faulkner, audiences can enjoy expert knowledge, enthusiastic advice and knowledgeable guests every week. To learn more: {X}.


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