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Side Character Arc - Excel Workbook

Outlining's a very satisfying way to organize your ideas when working on your writing, especially when working a novel. Besides the important task of outlining your plot, protagonist's arc and world building you still have side characters to sort through. Thankfully, the spreadsheet I've created can help you do just that. Earlier I made an excel workbook that outlines the three act structure for you main character (available here {X}) and created a condensed version for side characters.

The difference begins with the short-hand outline's spreadsheet. The questions are tailored towards examining the relationship between protagonist and side character. While there's still focus on the side character's motivations and needs, this outline focuses more on the evolving relationship between protagonist and side character. This outline is also completely customizable so you can edit the spreadsheet any way you like!

Side Character Arc
Download XLSX • 14KB

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