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Character Building Workbook

Character development is one of the lengthier processes in my writing. Writing great characters for a story are a lot of pressure. It also doesn’t help when you've accumulated a bunch of notes you have to keep up with every few pages you write. I’m a pantser. My writing process manifests itself in the form of Excel spread sheets, chicken scratch lists and printed out character sheets I found online. Developing my characters never has been the hard part for me. Instead, it's integrating the character I've built into my story. Inspired by this difficulty, I decided to create a printable workbook that combines both processes!

This workbook offers pages of character building as well as applying what you've built to stages of the character's journey. These pages can be applied to any character of your story, as every character should have a journey throughout the story. There's also a page dedicated entirely to applying random scenarios to your character, so you can better understand how they would react to the unexpected. Each stage of the character's journey outlined in these pages target expansion on how your character will react to intense situations and reflect on their decisions. There's plenty of blank space to fill in these workbook pages so click the download below and start building. Oh, and don't worry, I've provided you plenty of paper for jotting down notes. Happy writing!

Character Building Workbook
Download PDF • 18.99MB


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