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  • Karina Sokulski

When Falling Behind on Your Deadlines

I'll be transparent, I've definitely fallen behind on some deadlines. Life's gotten in the way here and there but my spirits aren't down. It does bum me out that less content is being produces and frustrating that the main culprit of my falling behind has more to do with my own developing bad habits, but my spirits are still high because of how these bad habits have started.

That's always the first step, acknowledging both ends. On one end, I know I've been irresponsible towards my writing and reading habits and could definitely be doing better. On the other hand, I can also give myself the benefit of the doubt that work has been intense lately and really sapping my creative energy.

I've got some catching up to do in terms of reading for The Sokulski Review, I've got a book to work on and dozens of little side projects that definitely need my attention.

That's going to involve planning on my part and coming up with a new game plan when it comes to creating new deadlines and developing more effective writing habits.

I had this whole plan in my head to make another list of how best to come up with healthier writing habits and how to set do-able deadlines, but that will just have to be the next blog post because I'm writing this right before the start of my work day and have precious little time to get myself together.

To be continued after my work day!

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