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K. M. Sokulski

          K.M. Sokulski A.K.A. Karina Michele Sokulski writes stories about bravery, humanity, and monstrosities. Karina graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and minored in history (A.K.A. historical tea-spilled gossip). While Karina always had a love for the most complex, fantastical, horrifying, and tragic of stories she didn’t seriously consider publishing her work until she interned at her first publishing house. Karina kicked off her writing career by publishing her first ever short story, Shoes, in The Barker’s Voice: A Journal of Arts & Letters in March of 2016. A short story she recently submitted, Jexa, will be included in the Houston Writers Guild’s upcoming anthology, Journey Into Time. Thanks in no small part to her fabulous critique group, Karina is currently working on her first fantasy and horror novel series. Karina hails from Katy,

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Texas where she lives happily married with the love of her life, a deeply fabulous cat, an exceptionally affectionate dog, and her startlingly photogenic first child.

          As A Graphic Designer, through internships Karina discovered an interest for graphic and web design that inspired her to start a business. Karina runs her own, entirely online, business which can be found at Her business offers graphic and web design services at affordable market prices. Additionally, Karina offers training services, so her clients can maximize their online experience.

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