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Writing Prompts: Summer Chills & Thrills

Summer's here and that means its time for some seasonal inspiration! Around this time of year the summer celebrations of May and June inevitably slow down with the approach of July and August and the heat they bring. Yes, we've reached the part of summer that tends to chase us back inside to the AC and--more importantly--back to our writing desks. Haven't thought up a project of this month's Camp NaNoWriMo? Not sure what to write on those hot afternoons? Try out this season's six writing prompts-with a twist. You read that right. Rather than just writing a story that takes place on a beach or at summer camp, try adding a chill or thrill to your summer writing this time. A murder, a monster a mystery--you decide!


Lakeside Chills

Summertime Sadness

Monsters Of The Deep

Desert Full Of Ghosts

Paradise Lost

Not So Jolly Roger


In need of some summertime focus? I've got you covered! Below is a playlist of lofi, jazz and other summer-themed compilations of music from some of my favorite artists.


Until next time, from the Writing Nook!


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