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Six Spring-Themed Writing Prompts

I always get inspired in the spring, probably because it's the season I return to old habits. Outside of writing, I'm an avid gardener. As soon as March rolls around I'm sprinkling the ant poison on my winter-mangled flowerbeds, going over the extra cash I've saved for new plants and assessing my survivors to see what care they need to bloom. With colorful blooms and fresh air on the brain, a little bit of spring always works its way into my writing. I always turn to prompts for inspiration, whether it is for my book or for whole new writing projects. In the spirit of spring fever, here are six season-themed writing prompts to inspire you!



"She could go now. Right now. Not even the droplets of the crisp March rain tangled in her hair would incriminate her."


Prompt: overdue apology, practical joker, recognized by a zoo animal, springtime air.


The view outside your character's window. Where are they and where are they headed?


Happy or runaway bride? Either way she has a secret that has to do with the springtime.


"She lowered the glass from her lips. Something moved just beyond the rose bush, concealed by its veil of blush pink blooms."


Your character happens upon a leprechaun but there's a catch: fail to catch him and they'll lose more than just the gold.


     Inspiration doesn’t have to stop there! To help you get into the spring spirit, I've compiled a playlist inspired by my favorite season to complement your writing sessions. On the playlist below, you'll find lo-fi, jazz, and other compilations of music by some of my favorite artists.



Until next time, from the Writing Nook!


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