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Random Inspiration: "Faemoor Temple Converted, Knights Templar Hospitalized & The Fae Revolt"

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Writing Challenge: Write a newspaper article. An interviewer collects various concerns. A justified protest goes too far. Add mythical creatures to the mix (Fairies, dragons, unicorns, etc).

This Wednesday, (May 25th) Mayor Bufrum Plateaxe's decision to turn Faeriemoor Temple into a knights force station came to a head at the grand opening of the new station.

One year ago exactly, citizens of Faemoor were split over the use of their taxes to pay for a bourgeois venue for the knights force. Particularly in light of a suspicious donation from local Nightshadow Coven member, Artemishia Drach.

Earlier last week, 30 fae marched in front of the Orichalcum gates of Faemoor Temple bearing glittering flags and floral flagons plummeting with poppy smoke. Following the protestors' arrival, wild unicorns began stampeding through town. It is estimated that at least twenty full grown stallions rampaged through the streets of Faemoor, utterly devastating the marketplace. In an attempt to hold back the equine invaders, seven knights templar were injured.

"I'd prefer our Dwarven Mayor [and knight force] express more sensitivity to known rivals between the witches and fae in the area than what side of the lachryma pillar their desk is going to be on," says concerned citizen and local alchemist, Eprix Uzohr. "

As a result of Grand Knight Enchanter Tephna Grimsbane's press conference following the protest, many citizens of Faemoor were outraged when the protestors denied allegations of wrangling the wild beasts to wreak havoc upon the town as part of their protest. Criminal charges are pending against 12 protestors for mass drug exposure upon the general public. The remaining 18 protestors are currently under investigation for destruction of public property and endangerment through the use of local wildlife.

"It's horrible to see this happening. This town is known for its rich history and diverse community. How can we teach our children the values of nature and history when we [as their parents] are too afraid to let them see such displays?" Asks concerned father and local warlock, Fontayne Helion.

Election season is once again approaching, but this time, Mayor Bufrum Plateaxe may be up against an opponent with more determination than he's prepared for. Recent incidents have led Dorlar Quijor, a local citizen and dragon breeder, to announce his candidacy. Quijor has shifted 30% of votes to his campaign and is on track to claim more.

It's a genuinely astonishing time in Faemoor, more so when law enforcement's concerns are as ostentatious as their new place of work.

Enumro Gimec, May 25th, 2022.


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