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Random Inspiration: Dearest Glynna

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Writing Challenge: Select a random piece of media (Gif, image, video) and use it as a writing prompt. Include other elements to the story (words, dialogue, scenarios) and write a scene, story or poem.

Source of media used for challenge has been sited below.

Elements: "What are they reading?" "Despite a disapproving family," "a fallen angel," "a daughter ran away with her lover."

Woman Reading Painting Postcard

Artist: UNKNOWN : Source: {X}


Dearest Glynna,

I write you words so sour my very revulsion so profound my very pen may ail with sickness and vomit its ink upon the page! Scandal of which neither of us have ever known, and how these countryside-folk lap up all of it like the biblical jackals that they are.

I can only imagine how you must feel, my dear. There is no greater pain on this earth than from the betrayal of an ungrateful child. Worse when said child was an angel brought down by a no-status miscreant with nothing to offer. And a Welshmen no less! Now I'll speak frankly, I'm practically kin after all and with dear Philipa off to God knows where, you need family now more than ever.

We have to fight this, Glynna. For Philipa's sake. You allowed your daughter her independence out of love, but the matter has to be recognized for what it is: Philipa has been tricked by a conman! Professing she 'wishes to marry for love rather than money.' Timeless, romantic trickery even Philipa was naive enough to fall for. And the ingratitude she's demonstrated towards you, Glynna! Have you not made your sacrifices clear to the girl? Oh but why cast the blame upon you? Of course the Welsh brute would turn Philipa away from a worthier match.

There will be no recovering from this, I tell you. The Thornes are a selective family. Rupert won't forgive the embarrassment his son has suffered. The best we can hope for now is making Philipa suffer an inkling of this entire mess she's caused upon her return. And you reign her in when she does.

William and his comrades will depart at first light. The Welsh brute's a ship hand. I'd bet my hat he's trying to whisk Philipa away by ship. Don't you worry, Glynna. My William and his comrades all served in war together. They'll rescue your girl and this entire matter will be set as right as it can be.

In the meantime, tend to your garden and gird yourself for Philipa's return. My William and I will handle the rest. I'll be along tomorrow for tea as always. God forbid you be left completely alone at a time like this. I worry you'll even read the entirety of this letter.

Until tomorrow,



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