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NaNo Prep: Your NaNoWriMo Grocery List

It's October and we've got to talk about NaNo Prep. This month is dedicated to organizing, outlining and scheduling your writing sessions. We're so consumed by getting ready for NaNoWriMo we often forget to plan out what to fuel our writing time with. Creativity burns a lot of brain activity, believe it or not, so I like to have plenty of fuel for my writing sessions. Below you'll find a list of snacks and beverages I recommend to add to your grocery lists for before and during NaNoWriMo. I've included plenty of options on the off chance any of you lovely readers have food allergies.



Skip this idea if you have a peanut allergy. Almonds are not only nutritious but their benefits include boosting alertness and memory. They're the ultimate brain snack that you can eat alone or mix in with another dish.

Dark Chocolate

On the off chance you didn't know, dark chocolate's the healthiest of all chocolates. It's the least conditioned with sugar and there are plenty of raw options at the grocery store. Dark chocolate offers your brain endorphins and improves blood flow, making this another good focus snack. Just be careful not to over indulge with this one or you'll get a sugar crash!

Frozen Grapes (& other Berries)

This will take the simple prep work of filling a plastic bag the night before into the freezer. Grapes (and blueberries in particular) are great for your brain and eating them frozen perks you up big time. The amount of sugar naturally packed in grapes and other berries will provide a refreshing kick of natural sugar when you need it. Take care on your serving size if you're diabetic!

Fruit Bowls/Salads

Bonus points if you freeze your fruit, add greek yogurt and room temperature grains. It's no secret fruit salads are good for you and frozen fruit with a touch of greek yogurt will keep you alert and energized. If you're looking for a fruit bowl recipe that will keep you energized for a long time, try this recipe out: {X}.

Hummus & Veggies

If sweet fruit isn't to your taste, hummus and veggies may be more your style. Hummus with some veggies to dip are filling and energizing. I always like to add a plate of cauliflower or spinach crackers since both are great for your brain.


Air-popped is the best but any popcorn will do. I prefer to stick to organic, sea-salt popcorn to avoid too much sugar or sodium. If you haven't tried it before, sprinkling rosemary on your popcorn's great for concentration and memory.

Trail Mix

I'm a sucker for peanut butter trail mix. There's all different kinds to choose from or you can make it yourself. Best of all, there are trail mixes out there that are diabetic and keto friendly for your consideration. Here's a trail mix recipe I like to make every now and then: {X} (I highly recommend adding peanut butter chocolate chips to this if it's an option).



Either you're a coffee drinker or you're not. If you're the former, be sure to stock up on your favorite blend so you're not caught without! If you're wanting to try something new, I suggest peppermint coffee. Peppermint is great for focus and perks you up when you're feeling mellow.

Dark Hot Chocolate

For the non-coffee drinkers. I suggest dark hot chocolate for focus and bonus points if you add a little peppermint. As mentioned previously, dark chocolate and peppermint are great for focus. While hot chocolate offers less caffein, take care on sugar consumption!

Lemon Water (Hot)

Yes, really all who don't drink coffee or tea. You can also have water with lemon on ice but lemon is another focus-inducing citrus fruit. Lemon water's a great way to get a dose of focus and hydration. While this is a complete caffeine-free option, there's still plenty of sugar in lemon.


I wouldn't dare forget the tea drinkers! Why, I'm a proud tea drinker myself. Every tea drinker has their favorite blend but I have several suggestions for focus-inducing teas. Green tea, matcha and peppermint! Black tea, for those who don't know, are just as caffeinating as coffee. Sometimes more. Decaf may be the way to go if you're new to the tea-drinking scene.

Orange Juice

A classic. Orange juice is high in sugar and is energizing. It's also a great base for blending non-alcaholic drinks (drink and write responsibly if you're adding alcohol). I love adding sparkling water to my orange juice to give it a fizzy-feel. This is yet another drink you can add peppermint to for a refreshing take on the classic OJ.

Blueberry Juice

Another classic. If you've never tried blueberry juice before, it takes little prep. All you have to do is buy a pack or two of blueberries from the market and blend with other flavors to taste. When I blend blueberry juice, I tend to make a smoothy out of it. Here's a recipe I've based my recent concoctions off of: {X}. If you aren't sensitive to the tartness of blueberries, raw blended blueberries are equally delicious and bran boosting!


On the topic of smoothies, let's talk brain smoothies! Green smoothies are the best but not always the most appetizing if you don't have a taste for it. I'm not a kale eater/drinker either but an iced matcha green tea and banana smoothie is to die for: {X}. There are plenty of other recipes all over the internet to try, especially ones friendly to dietary restrictions.

November is nearly here! Don't be caught without the proper fuel for your sessions!

Happy Writing!


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