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Christmas Gift Ideas Any Writer Will Love

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

December is here at last and for some of us that means Christmas shopping is underway! As the writer in my family, it never fails to come across the concerned look of a family member as they ask me what I want for Christmas. I’m the kind of person who isn’t bothered by having a stack of journals in reserve because I use them all. I also don’t mind when a loved one gifts me a book they liked, because a new book always means a new training tool. Still, my generous loved ones hesitate to purchase me another journal or book because, “they did that last year.”

For the sake of gift-givers everywhere struggling to figure out what to get the writer in their family, I’ve composed a list! The list below offers ideas for both stocking stuffers and gifts that are both thoughtful and useful to anyone who loves to write.

Writer Themed Temporary Tattoo

Nowadays there are websites like or that offer temporary tattoos that take longer to vanish from skin. They’re reasonably priced, have plenty of designs and even offer the opportunity to design your own tattoo. This is also a great gift if your writer is in to tattoos because these temporary tats can be traced over by real tattoo artists!

Writer's Door Sign

A classic gift, but there’s a reason it’s timeless. There’s plenty of designs for signs you can print out or find online for reasonable prices. I can personally attest to this being an item I loved receiving from my husband for Christmas. It’s an item that never occurred to me to buy for myself and chances are the writer in your family feels the same way. This is an especially sweet present to give if your loved one has an office or a writing space where they like to have their peace and quiet to work.

Subscription to Online Courses

Here’s a gift I received for my birthday from my husband that couldn’t be more useful. On my birthday this year, my husband got me a subscription to after doing some thoughtful research on his part and finding a TON of creative writing courses. Pandemic time or not, this gift offers the writer in your family an opportunity to learn craft and improve their writing skills from home. Another website that also offers courses is Although I haven’t subscribed to this service myself, plenty of my friends rave about the classes whose instructors are celebrities and the more famous of their field.

Domain Name for Your Writer's Website or Blog

Has the writer in your family started their own blog? Do they have their own website? Sometimes finding a domain name for either is challenging. Reserving even just their name as their page name can be a big help if your loved one is just getting started on taking their talent online. Websites like and are great places to check if a domain is available. Better yet, if you happen to search something that isn’t taken, both sites can fast track you to claiming it before anyone else does.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Here’s another really thoughtful gift. Noise cancelling headphones are a great item to have for focus. Especially if your loved one doesn’t have a writing space of their own. I love my noise-cancelling headphones. I use them in my office when I’m having a very distractible day. I take them with me when I set up at the bookstore or a café. My headphones are yet another item that never occurred to me to buy for myself.

Kindle Unlimited or Nook Subscription

Chances are, the writer in your family is an avid reader. Furthermore, they most likely have either an ereader or an app for one. Both Amazon and Nook offer apps that can be installed on a computer, tablet or phone that access their ebook library. If your loved one already has a subscription to either, cover their renewal fee this year. If they haven’t explored the world of ebooks this year, you can easily buy them a subscription. Links available here: amazon’s Kindle Unlimited page or Barnes & Noble’s Nook App page.

P.S. if you’re seriously considering this gift, there are some GREAT holiday sales occurring right now for both.

Annual Subscription to Their Favorite Editing Tool:

It’s no secret that finding online software that doesn’t have a subscription is rare. Every writer should have good editing software to go with their word processor. The most popular are, and If your writer doesn’t have editing software yet, covering their first annual subscription to one would be a wonderful gift.

NaNoWriMo Merchandise

I'd bet your writer participated in National Novel Writing Month this year. Check if they won, because if they did, you can buy them this year's "NaNoWriMo Winner shirt." The NaNoWriMo Store has a bunch of products any writer will love. Posters, apparel, clever mugs, writing utensils and books on writing! This is definitely a store for writers where you can't go wrong.


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