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Book Review: "Daughter of Hades" by Mack Little

The Caribbean islands on the cusp of the age of piracy. A sister and brother fleeing from slavery. Murder, the supernatural and vengeance. Two stories converge to unleash a romantic tale of passion, revenge, and survival. Author Mack Little delivers a diverse world of characters that are refreshingly human.

“Dinny and her brother make their escape from slavery on the pirate ship the Hades. It is the last place in the world Dinny imagined she’d meet the love of her life. Lei, a Chinese exile, recognizes Dinny as the woman of his destiny. But their new life is shattered when her former owner seeks his revenge. With the help of their friends, family, and colleagues, Dinny and Lei will face the challenges of finding love and happiness in the Caribbean world of the 17th century.”

Little's writing is elegant, charming and every word on the page meaningful. "Her gaze fell to the hard sinews of his body, which looked as unyielding as cut marble." From character dialogue to descriptions, Little's writing is this story's definite strength. Each relationship is believable, the protagonists sympathetic and tension palpable. From the very first page, readers are met with a cast and the devastating stakes they face.

Daughter of Hades boasts rigorous research of the era in which it's set. "...he heard them discussing whether they should take the direct route to Jamaica rather than a more circuitous one through the Windward Passage, where they might happen upon some prey." The product of Little's attention to detail pays off with a deep immersion into the Caribbean in 1649. Readers will face an intricately woven tapestry of exploration, passion, obsession, and oppression. Little's romance bridges the gap between two genres in a way that readers shouldn't miss out on.

Daughter of Hades is a multi-genre novel with much to offer. Through elegant narrative, memorable characters and a vibrant world, Little ignites the beginning of a promising series. Memorable characters, thrilling betrayals and a steadfast pursuit of liberty.Readers interested in adventure, romance and a glimpse into history needn't look any further. The journey of the Hades crew is only beginning.


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