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Antagonist (Counter-Pointed Character) Excel Workbook

Inspiration comes from many places and recently it's gotten me onto an outline-generating kick. This outline is another three act structure but this time tailored to your story's antagonist. I consider the word "antagonist" a slang word for a character counter-pointed to the protagonist. This equates to the antagonist being the only character that must be as developed as the story's main character. Therefore, unlike the side character outline I created (available here {X}) this outline isn't condensed. Similar to the side character outline, however, this outline's short-hand spreadsheet offers questions tailored to focus on the antagonist's relationship to the protagonist. Whether this connection shared between the counter pointed characters is a rivalry, entirely circumstantial or destined, you'll be able to outline every inch of the relationship.

Antagonist Arc Outline
Download XLTX • 14KB

NaNoWriMo is just about here and it never hurts to have one more tool at your creative disposal. If you're looking for other fun and helpful downloads in preparation for next month, head over to my downloads page and see what I have to offer.

Good luck NaNoers!


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