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  • Karina Sokulski

5 Gifts a Writer Needs for Christmas

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The holiday season is back again this year, and checking off every gift on your list involves also getting the perfect gift for the writer in your family. Last year you got the writer in your family a journal to write in and have noticed they now have a stockpile. You want to get something meaningful but have no idea what to get them. This list will help you pick out a gift that shows your writer you understand how much their writing means to them--without breaking the bank to do it.

Fountain Pen

Fountain pens used to be pretty expensive because they used to be collector's items. These pens are still considered the tool "only the real writers use" for affordable prices. You can find many fountain pens online that are both affordable and beautifully made. Some fountain pens even come with kits, and most use the same refillable ink cartridges. Fountain pens an excellent choice for a gift because they won't break the bank, and neither will the cartridges for the writer to replace later.

Writing software is always an excellent gift for your writer, especially if they're a novelist. There are tons of writing software programs out there, but few involve a one-time payment. Scrivener is one of the few writing programs out there that doesn't come with a subscription. Nowadays, it's pretty rare to find anything digital that won't need a scheduled payment. Scrivener is a super binder for your writer to store every note, quote, and chapter of their story. It's a tool every writer needs to have and would make a great gift.

Speech to Text Recorder

Here's a gift many don't consider when it comes to buying gifts for a writer. Many writers take to audio recording for note-taking rather than journaling. For many, audio recording helps remove that self-editing monster that hinders progress. The recording also helps improve editing grammar and voice in any writer's work. A recorder that offers the function to record the writer's voice and automatically convert speech to text is a convenient dream come true. A speech to text recorder is another gift you don't have to break the bank on with a little online searching. There are dozens of basic models that are reasonably priced and very reliable.

Every writer needs a tool for writer's block, and these cards are the perfect solution. This deck of cards provides scenarios for both characters and plot for a writer to use. Since there are so many of these cards, there are millions of possibilities from which to choose. This nifty deck of cards also double as a charade game the whole family can play. Even better, there are several themed decks sold on their online store that you can pick for your writer. From historical fiction to children's stories, these decks are the perfect gift for any writer.

Story cubes, similarly to the Storymatic cards, are another good gift for writers. A roll of these dice provide a writer with prompts and scenarios to apply to their stories. As the picture shows, there are dice with different themes. These dice also double for a game the family can play and have hundreds of scenarios for your writer to work with.

You won't need to search too hard or spend too much to get the writer in your family a meaningful gift. Gifts for writers nowadays are as unique as they come and as helpful to your writer's work as any journal. The gifts that are on this list have options to choose from and are tools that your writer can use more than just once.

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