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  • Karina Sokulski

Camp NaNoWriMo: April Session's End

That "last day of camp" feeling's always a heavy one. You're packing your things, wondering if you lived it up to the fullest on your way out, heavy heart present. It's funny how virtual camps give off a similar feeling.

I thoroughly enjoyed the little chats with my fellow cabin members, offering advise, getting advise in return and simply working hard together as we tried to meet our goals. So what's the status on my Camp NaNoWriMo victory?

Nah, I didn't get my victory this round. Too much got in the way and just enough distractions to keep me from my 50K. Did I get close? Again, no, but honestly I'm not disappointed in myself. On the contrary, even though I didn't get my win I did manage to get myself out of being stuck on a rewrite for my book. I may not have won this round, but I definitely got myself out of a rut, which I honestly think is far more important than that cool little certificate they give you.

I'm very proud of the members of my cabin though. We had someone get their 50k and then some, others remained with me on the "just participating status" but there's no shame in that. We all worked on our writing, encouraged one another to do so and had fun doing so. That was the entire point of opening the cabin for The Sokulski Review. It was so very exciting to see people join this cabin and share their interest in their writing. That's honestly what I love most about writing with other writers, we're all word nerds of different flavors with different topics and bits of knowledge to share. Having a cabin full of those word nerds is why I made (and will make again) a cabin inviting writer's to join. I really encourage anyone who was considering hosting a cabin next round of Camp NaNoWriMo to definitely do so. It's so very rewarding!

Speaking of the next session of Camp NaNoWriMo, it starts in June for any who plan on joining. For those of you who totally won this session or intend to win the next one, you have the month of May to take a breather. I personally, will not be participating next round as I will have just gone through my little sister's wedding and prepping for many other upcoming adventures. That's the summer for you, huh? It's always busy!

Even so, I definitely will still be working on my own writing projects and am happy to announce that I will be keeping The Sokulski Review's Cabin open for those who are looking for a cabin full of nothing but encouragement and good spirits! I was so happy with the experience of this cabin I'll be happy to help anyone brainstorm or provide links to some awesome writing tools I use in my own time, so definitely consider joining my cabin in June!

So I suppose all that is left is to say, write on my fellow word nerds and remain unapologetically fabulous with every key stroke and swipe of your pencil. Good luck in June and never stop writing!

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